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Tiny Ref by TheTinyShow
Tiny Ref
Audition Cover:…

This is my OC I will be using for throneofmeriel-oct.deviantart.…

Name: Tiny

Age: Unknown (appears 10-12)

Height: 5'2"

Weight: 364 lb

Species: Bio Fusion

Residence: Meriel

Bio: As a young boy Tiny was kidnapped. He was kidnapped by a mad scientist with a goal to make everyday tasks easier to everyone. At least, that was his goal. After losing his entire family to a plane crash, his new goal was to make himself invincible. After a few failed experiments, he almost gave up. Until he got an idea. He kidnapped a random boy off the streets (which was Tiny), and started experimenting. He first fused Tiny's skin with titanium. The experiment succeeded. He then replaced certain bones in Tiny's body with everyday objects. Certain bones in his arms and legs were replaced with springs. The experiments were going so well the scientist didn't think anything could go wrong. Then Tiny woke up and escaped from the scientist. After Tiny escaped, he found a note taped to his chest that read "If the eyepatch is removed, an ultimate power will be unleashed." Since then, Tiny has lived his life hiding, and trying to find his parents.

Personality: Although Tiny's life has been terrible, he tries to remain optimistic. He is very kind and will only hurt others in self defense. He sucks at making jokes but you can get a laugh out of him very easily.

Strengths: He uses the springs in his arms and legs as an advantage. He can jump really high and punch really hard. He is smart and when he figures out an enemies weaknesses he will use them to his advantages. He is fireproof and bulletproof (getting shot by a bullet will leave a huge welt in his skin though). His eyepatch will unleash a giant energy blast if removed (but Tiny is too afraid to take it off)

Weaknesses: Anyone taller than him scares him. He's naive and villains could easily pretend to be his friend and betray him. He is pretty slow when not jumping mostly because the titanium in his body makes him heavy. If he is submerged in water, he will immediately sink to the ground and drown. He has no idea how to fight against high tech weapons and magic. Although his body is fused with titanium, his skin is just as soft as normal skin. So anybody could punch him and it wouldn't feel like punching metal. He is also distracted very easily.

Likes: Junk food (especially ice cream)

Dislikes: Spiders
I just wanted to say hi to my followers. I'm working on a comic called "The Prism" and I'm excited to announce I will be posting it on here! At the moment, I am inking the first volume and it will be available for all to see before the end of this month. Now I know I'm not the best at keeping promises, but I know I will make this goal.
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Stone Iverson
United States
I'm an animator of all sorts. I do hand drawn animation, claymation, cutout animation! I think I could say I've tried all kinds of animation!

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I thought that I should probably comment on your page to give you a friendly reminder that there are only 6 days left in the 1st round of the Tournament of Bleh.
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There are three different dates to chose from and depending on the majority, I'll be going with that vote~

Here's a link to the voting journal since I don't have a premium I can't use the polls xD…
RabbitCruncher Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2013
:D With the tournament date slowly approaching I wanted to show you the FAQs page for the tournament! If you have anymore questions about it please feel free to ask me!…
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