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The Prism Ref. by TheTinyShow
The Prism Ref.
Full Name: The Prism

Nickname: Felix refers to him as "Priz"

Age: Unknown (probably around one billion)

Personality: He is very mellow. He never sugar coats anything. Anything that comes out of his mouth is the truth. All The Prism cares about is Felix and what he desires because when Felix found him he "awoke him from an eternal sleep".

Weight: 12 lb.

Height: 1 and a half feet.

Bio: He was a normal person until he was somehow transformed into a supreme being.


-He basically has a Google search engine implemented into his brain, except it expands to millions of miles around the galaxy that Felix is in. He is only limited to accessing things that have been sent through email or posted onto the Internet (or other planets' version of the internet).
-He can heal any flesh wound, however fatal wounds are impossible for him to heal.


-He is as fragile as a beer bottle
-He can't hurt anyone or anything according to his "rules"

Fun Fact

His voice sounds like Neil Degrasse Tyson (if you don't know who that is look him up >:V).

Theme Song:…
Felix Ref. by TheTinyShow
Felix Ref.
Full name: Filicius Rath

Nickname: Felix

Species: Frazien

Age: 12

Weight: 97 lb

Height: 5"5'

Bio: When Felix was a young boy, he lost his family to the corrupt government of his planet. Shortly after he found The Prism, he went into hiding to train in the art of swordsmanship (using his father's sword), and hopefully someday avenge his family.
Personality: Felix is a humble kid. He always thinks before he acts. He is not a pacifist (in fact he enjoys fighting) but he doesn't like killing someone if they never did anything to deserve it. He likes to joke around with his opponents and piss them off. Although when someone isn't trying to fight him he tries to be as kind as possible.

-Good swordsman
-Can breath underwater (his entire species can)
-Great lower body strength (which makes him a fast runner)
-The Prism can heal him after battles

-Besides holding his sword his arms don't help much (he has little upper body strength)
-He doesn't know many forms of fighting other than swordsmanship so without his sword he is as good as dead.
-His sword depends on absorbing energy to work correctly. It can absorb energy from the sun (which takes a very long time) or from The Prism (which takes less time but still long), however, it works the best by absorbing energy from attacks that Felix deflects with the sword. He can precharge it before a fight but if an enemy attacks him unexpectedly, he'll have to use his sword like any old sword.

Felix's Sword

-Like I said before, Felix's sword depends on absorbing energy to work correctly.
-When charged, Felix's sword shoots an energy beam when he swings the sword.
-When the sword is high on power, flames come off of it.
-The beams that come out of the sword are basically flaming punches
-Felix has never charged it up high enough to get to this point, but according to The Prism, the sword will be completely engulfed in flames when it is fully charged.
-When the sword is on a very high charge he can stab the sword into the ground, engulfing everything around him in flames

-Helping others out that deserve the help
-Hanging out with Priz

-killing without reason
-being without his family

Theme Song:…

*EDIT Crap I made a mistake. Felix's tongue is a light pink


TheTinyShow's Profile Picture
Stone Iverson
United States
I'm an animator of all sorts. I do hand drawn animation, claymation, cutout animation! I think I could say I've tried all kinds of animation!

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